Monday, September 12, 2011

Do Follow Comments for SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Do follow comments and no follow comments for SEO and Optimization?

So I'm sure we all know about the do follow and no follow comments. For those who don't, it's a way for someone to post a comment on another blog with their anchor text and website link attached. It sounds great at first, making the link building process just a little more easier for all those SEO gurus out there. But I'm here to spill some beans... let's get a better understanding and grasp on the do follow comment links.

It starts with a simple blog writer who writes some decent content and lands himself a nice page rank within Google or another Search Engine. Now there's the others who think that they can just Google some do follows and no follows to put a link up, giving them more juice to their site. Before you start blasting away at comments on ANY blog, including mine, learn about what your really doing with a do follow comment.

There's been alot of others saying the do follow comment links are just another black hat spam technique, and I disagree for the most part. There's so many others who will spam a comment to a blog just for that nice link on your blog or page, but there is no need to just send a spam comment.


When you send a comment, your not just saying hey thanks information, here's my link so now I can get some link juice, you need to add value to the blog. It's so typical to come across these spam comments, but if you took the time to find the blog, whats an extra few minutes toward actually reading the content, and writing something to add value to that particular article or blog. This will also give you a better chance for the owner or writer to actually allow that link to be posted. I always put emphasis on the add value, it's only morally right. After all, the internet is what you make of it, right?


This should be obvious. It's a key factor to any SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy. Your not going to get anything out of posting a comment on someones blog that reads about real estate, if your site is about beauty products. I guess if the realtor wants to buy beauty products, he sure knows that your willing to spam him just to get your product/brand out there.


I've heard of the DO FOLLOW COMMENT plugin via WordPress, and personally, I think it's a great tool. I think the Do Follow is great, so long as we bloggers, writers, site owners, and the comments are not spam and actually link to a feasible website.For WordPress bloggers, there should also be the aksimet spam filter to help keep the spammers away. I always make sure that each comment must be approved, either way.


As a site owner, I'm fine with comments linking to a site. It makes sense as long as it's not spam. I will always make sure the comment ADDS VALUE, the anchor text is relevant, the website is relevant to the topic at hand, and of course, Let me reiterate ADDING VALUE. I dump all links that have no value, to me, it means they really must not wanted that link in the first place.This is just a small piece of optimization. The best links will still be from site owners by email, or networking with.

So, any do follow or no follow comments?

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