Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Internet Marketing Strategies & Tips best marketing

Lets look at the best Internet marketing strategies for marketing all your Internet aspects of your business. Best of all, I'm here to spill some amazing techniques that can help you dominate your marketplace! We all know that Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task. beyond the research and analyzing aspect but more so because Google is constantly changing and updating every day! With a new algorithm means Internet marketing firms and other specialists alike need to have the absolute BEST Internet Marketing Strategies to maintain and build your presence! This is a must for ANY business! I hope the strategies here will help you, if not, feel free to check out Search Engine Marketing Services provided by I Market Pros!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Car Insurance Quotes

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What is "Black Hat" SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience. This method usually does not obey search engines rules, often resulting in being banned. Some examples of Black Hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, invisible text and doorway pages. Black Hat SEO is more frequently used by those who are looking for a quick financial return on their Web site, rather than a long-term investment. Black Hat SEO can possibly result in your Web site being banned from a search engine, however since the focus is usually on quick high return business models, most experts who use Black Hat SEO tactics consider being banned from search engines a somewhat irrelevant risk. Black Hat SEO may also be referred to as Unethical SEO or just spamdexing, as spamdexing is a typical frequently used Black Hat SEO practice.

What is "White Hat" SEO

White Hat SEO

In search engine optimization or (SEO) terminology, white Hat SEO refers to the usage of strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies. EXAMPLE: Web site that is SEO optimized, yet focuses on relevancy and organic ranking is considered to be optimized using White Hat SEO practices. Some examples of White Hat SEO techniques include using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing content for human readers White Hat SEO is more frequently used by those who intend to make a long-term investment on their Web site. Can also be called Ethical SEO, but moe commonly known as Whte Hat SEO.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dorm rooms don't have to be plain

Sometimes it's really crazy to think about how much of a difference a few decorations can make to a plain old dorm room to really make it feel like home. But it's the truth. I've learned with three kids and now that our youngest is going off to college in a week, I've been trying to help him get together all of the stuff for his dorm room.

He's not really into decorations or anything, but I convince our other son to pick out some things that he liked and I think that he was glad for it. I went online to try and help him find some good bedding that he would really like and while I was doing that I ran across the website clearwirelessinternet.com. After I looked through it some I decided to change over our home internet service to it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tips on Keywords

Tips on Keywords & Meta Keyword Tag - SEO -

First of all, Google and most other search engines do NOT look at the META keyword tag. Many people say not to bother with it, but I use the META keyword tag and I place my keyword phrases in it. 

Here's why...

I use this tag to help me remember what keyword phrases I am optimizing the page for. You'll find this to be a big help later when you have a lot of pages and have forgotten what keyword phrases you were trying to optimize the page for in the first place.

For the META description tag, keep your most important keyword phrase near the beginning of the sentence and make this tag a full sentence.

Do NOT use bold or italic keyword phrases in the first sentence on the page, but DO use your most important keyword phrase in the first sentence, but not the first word.

By all means, use your keyword phrases in your headings, (H1, H2 and H3).

Start putting keyword phrases in bold in the second paragraph.

Put your keywords or keyword phrases in italics a few times AFTER the first usage of the keyword. Never let the first usage of your keyword phrases be in Italics.

Use keywords in ALT tags.

It's very important to get other sites to use your most important keyword phase for your page in any inbound links. Of course, you are not in control of how other sites link to you, but work hard to get them to use your keyword phrase. Most sites will link to your home page, so give them the most important keyword phrase you are optimizing your home page for.

When you are linking from any page back to your home page, use your most important keyword phrase in the link. When your home page is linking to any other page, use the keyword phrase in that link that the other page is being optimized for.

Don't plan on getting much (if any) help by putting keywords or keyword phrases in your left Nav panel. Google likes keywords in full sentences. Putting the sentence in a paragraph is even better. By the way, a sentence according to Google is three or more words starting with a capital letter and ending with a period or other punctuation. Stop words such as:

"I," "a," "the," and "of" do NOT count as one of your three words.

Follow these rules and your Web site will make a big jump in its relevancy for your keyword phrases. Following these rules will NOT boost your Page Rank.

To be #1 or even in the top 10 on the search engines your relevance for a given keyword phrase is much more important than your Page Rank.

For example, you could have a Page Rank of 10 and still not show up in the top 100 sites when someone is searching for "peanut butter sandwiches" unless of course, your page is optimized for (and has a high relevance for) the phrase "peanut butter sandwiches."

One final point: Use your keyword phrase in an H1, H2 or H3 headline followed by a keyword-rich paragraph and then repeat this with another H1, H2 or H3 headline and another keyword-rich paragraph. And of course repeat this again.

Use this format in addition following the 10 rules above and you will have a page with a high relevance for your keyword phrases. Don't try to optimize a page for more that two or three keyword phrases and always optimize for keyword phrases and NOT keywords. After all, the keyword is included within the keyword phrase. Most people don't search for just one word any more anyway.

I have seen pages rank #1 with keyword densities form 1% to 20%, but I usually try to have a keyword phrase density of between 2% to 6%. Sometimes I go up to 10%.